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Sam and Coco on your IPhone !! 


“A Day to Remember” has been added to the library of wonderful titles at StoryChimes.  You can download them from Itunes as apps for your IPhone, IPad or ITouch.  Give it a try!


Just in time for Christmas, The “Day to Remember” page has new Shopping Cart button courtesy of Ebay.


I will not be chairing the PNWA Children’s stories for the Literary Contest next year so that I can feel good about entering a story.  It was fun chairing and reading and there were some awesome stories.  Thanks to all the wonderful readers who signed up and made the process painless!




The 3 sisters and all the photos are safely back home.  Some will be hung in the house. 

The show was fun and we even sold a couple of books!  Time to plan for what comes next!




Just came back from hanging 7 pieces of art up in Caffe Ladro in downtown Kirkland.  Thanks to Lynda it went smoothly and quickly. 

We are the featured artist for the month of November and "A Day to Remember" is still on sale there in addition to three paintings interpreting the mused from ancient Greek mythology. 

There are are also 5 photos chosen solely on the basis of how they make me feel.





It has been way too long since an update.  None of the publishers decided to pursue “Gus” so we are considering other options. 

Since Sam and Coco went to our distributor several copies were picked up by other distributors and almost as many were returned.

The world of book publishing is very odd. 

Sam and Coco did have a brief gallery experience at Café Ladro in Kirkland. 

It was short but very well received and the nice people there allowed the book to stay on as a “for sale:” item.




The open house / anniversary party went off fabulously which means that house projects are officially done for the year

and it is time to explore activities besides rearranging mounds of rock, dirt and sand. 

As of today, “Gus” has been sent out to 11 publishers for consideration.

Their “published” response times vary from 3-6 months (plus). 

 “A Day to Remember:” is going down to the PNBA show it Portland with Sheryn of Book Publishers Network

Sam and Coco will be in the booth with many others, but they will have their own poster and big bookmarks. 

I am thinking about a letter campaign and other ways of clearing out the last of the second printing.  Good Stuff!




First bill from Danforth Book Distribution.  Woo hoo, a bargain!




Sam and Coco are in the system and available to major resellers. 

Of course, the marketing part is still up to me.  Sheryn has agreed to take them to the PNBA conference in Portland. 

I have some cover and query letter templates and ready and made a first pass list of publishers who accept unsolicited material and welcome first time authors and multiple submittals. 

I found the info in the SCBWI materials, so now I need  to verify with each website and send out the letters.




Sheryn thought Gus had potential and worked up a proposal for him into print. 

Unfortunately, our house remodel and other financial factors take precedence for this year. 

She hooked me up with a distributor, Laura Danforth, and we are talking about putting “A Day to Remember:” into the system. 

Albert Whitman & Company provided another addition to the “thanks for playing” file, giving another push to continue the search.




Just spoke with Sheryn Hara about Gus and the Sam and Coco books. 

She is going to send both to her review team and make some recommendations about what she can offer. 

Sheryn runs Book Publishers Network

Some of her clients have produced truly beautiful work.  One book especially, titled “The Rainbow Tiger”, is exquisite.




Hey there!  I just sent  “Gus and the Hundred Eyes” off to Albert Whitman & Company. 

Wish him luck!  I am putting together a query letter for the Bliss Agency on the “Red”, “Puff” and “Teeth” graphic novel trilogy.  

With the job and the house remodel I am finding it really challenging to time manage it all. 

It felt good sending Gus off though.




I am back to work in the real world on a 6month contract. 

With Christmas and the house remodel it is difficult to find time for working on the book. 

I have an initial storyboard, but that naturally brought up some weaknesses in the story. 

It’s a good thing I enjoy this part of the process.  Merry Christmas!




I have started working on “A Christmas Adventure”, the next Sam and Coco book! 

There is a rough draft of the story and about half the illustrations are broken down. 

The goal is to have them ready for next Christmas (duh). 

I will try to put some in progress material up on the “A Christmas Adventure” link off the publishing page.




Hi all!  Thanks for visiting. 

I have made some changes to priorities and plans lately, which have affected the direction of my publishing pursuits.


The Sam and Coco stories will continue to be self-published, with a new one coming out every other year.

I don’t know if I will be able to put one out this year.


Other stories will follow the more traditional route of magazine and book publishers.

I will update individual entries as news comes up


Business was just not brisk enough to account for the costs of credit card validation, so the shopping cart has been suspended. 

f you want to order and checks are an issue, please let me know and we’ll work something out.




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