Gus and the 100 Eyes

by Jay F. Smith




“Gus had a problem.

 Every night when the lights went out, he would see them … the hundred eyes.

Sometimes they were under the bed.

Sometimes they were inside the closet.

        Once they …”



Gus was selected as a finalist in the PNWA contest, but did not win the final.  Lots of nice input and a good time at the conference though.  I am still sending him and Leopold out to meet people so it is only a matter of time until someone likes them as much as I do.



Gus is currently submitted to the Reader’s Digeset, PNWA and WriteItNow! Competitions so wish him luck!  I am currently researching publishers to submit and will let you know how things are going there too.



Just found out that Gus is a finalist in the PNWA Literary Contest!  Now I have to register for the convention in July.  The winners are announced after the closing night dinner.  Wish him luck!



I apologize for taking so long for this update.  The PNWA conference was great, though Gus was not selected as the winner.  I went up front to accept his finalist certificate though.  I am currently researching publishers and agents and sending his story out.


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